Wednesday, 26 November 2008

Down in the Dumps

I am not having a good November even though nice things have happened. For some reason the hard skin on my feet has been getting worse over the last few months and nothing I have done has made it easier. Now it is like a concrete casing on the soles of my feet that pumice stone and abrasive scrubbers doesn't diminish. This month it has begun to crack and it is too painful to walk some days. Add to this the ezcema on my thumbs and forefingers so it is extremely painful to knit, sew or type and you can have some little idea how frustrated I feel. I have spent my time reading (you can only read for so long before your head falls off) and watching TV. This is great for a while and then it gets so dull that I either sleep or eat - I try not to do the latter.
Oh and there's another thing, try chopping onions when you have open wounds on your fingers. Poor Mr M has had to do that for me and then do the potato peeling. I tried wearing latex gloves but I managed to cut them and onion juice in the wounds when you hands are trapped in gloves is even worse! so there you are. Frustrated and miserable and not looking forward to more of the same.