Monday, 1 June 2009

Month of colour

I try so hard not to get sucked in to Shimelle's latest class but I always have to take a peek and the moment I do my brain fires up and I can see pages forming before my eyes! I am not sure how I will complete even one page because the eczema is still on my fingers and still cracking and bleeding. I daren't do cross-stitch because I don't want blood on the fabric, I can't feel things with my fingertips so daren't use my sewing machine (the beast is an ancient industrial machine that gives no favours and will happily sew through finger bones as easily as through organza - more easily in fact.)
pressing on a craft knife is so painful it is impossible and trying to write anything just makes me sob. Good grief I sound miserable! so I can pick up a book and read - this means sitting with my feet up which brings relief from the pain of the eczema on my feet. But reading sends me to sleep and at my age I do not want to be sleeping all day like a little old lady even if I am.

Oh one good thing is that I have purchased a pair of Crocs. I know they are very... chav but because I have to cover my feet with the cream 6 to 8 times a day and then put socks on to keep the cream on there a littile longer, I have ruined two pairs of slippers and a pair of shoes. Crocs are silicone so they wash they are flexible and they seem somehow to stop my feet itching - I have to wear the socks but that is irrelevant. I was able to walk a little yesterday instead of just sitting in the car and sulking.
This is soooo depressing and yet most of the time I don't feel depressed just frustrated. Ah well, these things are sent to try us I suppose