Sunday, 20 September 2009

Aweekend of going out with Mr M and doing not very much. We went toMonmouth the check out Ross Feed for feed bins. We bought a good one that should hold the food for my girls - only two weeks and my rescue chickens arrive - we also bought a bag of mixed corn for my cousin who has had an exploratory op on her knee and is confined to her house on top of a hill while her husband is away at a craft fair earing money.
We stayed for a while with her to make sure there was nothing needing doing and then went to Chepstow garden centre for lunch.
They had Cheese pie on the menu. I love Cheese pie! I was the one in school who would eat everyone else's cheese pie and then let them fight over my dessert. It came with carrots, peas and cabbage ~sigh~ bliss.
We came home the pretty way, pausing for a sit and stare at Black Rock. If you stand at the top of the steps you can see both bridges but if you sit on the bench you can just watch the water and chat for ages.
Then onward through caldicot, and along the road to Langstone then onto the motorway just long enough to cross the river and home.
Today we went out for lunch to Morrisons - in Barry! scrummy fish and chips for me and a chicken thing for Mr M. Travelling gets more difficult as time goes on because there are so many things we have to do. We count yellow cars because of Chris Evans, we do a Spit the Dog impression at ALL Stobart lorries; we have to say "Jeeeeeep" in a low voice every time we see one and we are counting numberplates sequencially. I do hope no one comes up with anything else that we can't resist doing.
after lunch we headed through Rhoose, diverting for a little trundle around Rhoose point. then on through Fontagary et al and stopped for a sit and stare at the beach at newton before a brief adventure through some lanes we haven't driven down before. We weren't lost just a wee bit mislaid for a while. we came home via Neath and Brecon and then down through Abergavenny. An excellent day where we laughed a lot and counted 60 yellow cars AND saw a number plate with 115 on it so now I am looking for 116.

Wednesday, 16 September 2009

Pictures from Sept 8,9,10,11,12, 13.

Don't ask where the pictures from 6th and 7th are, I forgot to take them ~sigh~

LSNED not just what we learn but how we learn it

Something I have learnt of during the course of this class is how much more aware of how I am learning I am becoming. Having re-read that sentence I can see that I am becoming more convoluted in my thinking too.

Seriously, I was commenting on someone else's blog and realised that I am kind of standing to one side, in my mind, and taking note of all the tiny things I do for the first time, how I react in a new situation and how I store that new experience.
I love that I am reading new blogs. I wish I could spend more time reading them but Mr M does like my company and I prefer his to anyone else's.

Pictures of pages later.

Sunday, 6 September 2009

LSNEDday 2,3,4,5

Got a bit behind with blogging but the pages are all done so I shall simply put them into this post

Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Learn something new Every Day 1

Today is the first day. What have I learnt? That I love my home when everyone else is out. That laughing out loud when I am totally alone is really liberating. That constant minor pain dulls my thinking and makes me really bad tempered and that scrapbooking with someone makes your mind fill with ideas.

Pretty good for a first day.