Thursday, 23 July 2009

I won a prize! I am not sure what happened really but I have managed to win membership of Seasons Holidays - it said on the letter that it was worth £3750 and of course that cynical little voice in my head said "yeh, right". Well one of the things we were invited to do was attend an 'induction' at one of their resorts (We Chose Laugharne) and then the maintenance fee for 2010 would be waived. It seems that we can choose one week per year and our level allows us to choose from weeks in November or February.
Now this might just seem like a waste to some people BUT, we have a week every year in February because that is Mr Ms birthday. Now we can go away for a week to any of six resorts in the UK and Ireland and all it will cost is the travelling and the maintenance, which is about the cost of a week's holiday anywhere.
We have booked our 2009 week for February 2010 (the year starts March) and I am really looking forward to it. We are going to Clowance in Cornwall so we can go and see Pam and Frank and do as little as we like for a week.
In other news, Mr M has an infection in the skin of his leg. This is red and sore and painful and he actually went to the Dr about it. He has antibiotics (penicillin so no kissing for a while) and orders to keep his leg elevated. Good grief! medical advice to lie on the settee and watch TV with his leg propped up on a pile of cushions. It does mean he isn't sitting in the kitchen eating all the time so that's good. It also means that I could be driving our tank for a while.
Struggling to get the washing dry so everyone is running our of underwear. The tumble dryer keeps tripping the fuse box so we can't use that and there is no way I will allow either of the men in this house to go near it with a screw driver.
Next thing for me to do is to get the latest edition of the Gibbon Gazette out to the family. ... Better get started then