Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sharing a cuppa

Come on in! It's so good to see you again, have you had a good month? Tea? Coffee? Vimto? I have some home made banana bread which is delicious - oh you're not allergic to nuts are you? There are pecans and almonds in it.

Sit over that side of the table then you won't have to move...... oh that doesn't happen any more but I still tend to push people around the table to that side. It's from when my parents lived here. I could guarantee that if anyone came to visit that as soon as they sat down at the table my Dad would appear in the doorway, pushing my Mum in the wheelchair to take her to the bathroom. You can see by the space that anyone that side would have to stand up, push in their chair and then move to this side of the table to let him through. He would just stand and glower because of course we should realise.


Now where was I? oh yes, are you well? have you been busy? I have been burning the midnight oil recently because I managed to get myself elected as Webmaster for the family history society, yes I know, it is a bit of a laugh, given my ability to kill computers but they needed someone who wasn't afraid of technology and also had the time to devote to getting the new web site up and running.

Oh I'm not doing the coding or the tricky stuff no we have an excellent web designer/builder for that. No, I am the one that talks to him and tells him exactly what we'd like and then he tells me what we can have and I say "Do it". I have been streamlining spreadsheets and culling databases and getting information ready to put into the various sections. All exciting stuff.

Oh my goodness! look at the time, let me just put the oven on for the tapioca pudding - do you like tapioca pudding? I have just re-discovered it and I make one at least once a week. Mr M will eat anything so we enjoy a little pudding after our meal some days.

Oh, do you have to go? It's been lovely to see you again, I love it when people drop in, I still can't go through the door on my own yet so having people call in is just wonderful - oh I am getting better, I went to see Fascinating Aida last week with my daughter and son-in-law. We had to walk through Cardiff and I didn't even get a twinge of a panic attack and I was good fro the whole evening. Even coming out into the dark wasn't a problem so there's hope for this old bird eh? You will come back won't you? Oh that's great, see you next time!

This post is part of the meme started by Abi over at Creating Paper Dreams why not pop over there right now and see take the chance to visit all the other wonderful people who are offering the chance to sit and have a cuppa. Why not put your own favourite cuppa beside you and join in, you will be very welcome I know.

Wednesday, 16 October 2013

Simply a moment - October

It is Tuesday evening. Our friend has just left after a very successful meeting about the games convention we are running in Newport next year. I am throwing together a meal, Mega burgers for Mr M and Fish Toppers for me. Mr M is not over fond of fish while most meats make me itch - we are having chopeed up new potatoes with chopped mushrooms and sliced onion tossed in a little canola oil and lightly fried. We are both hungry so I don't want this to take too long to prepare.

My mind goes over the things we have discussed about the games con. The master plan of the main hall with those trade stands that have already booked marked on it. Looking good! the decision about where to put the people who will be giving talks. Possibly something to do with Dr Who, possibly some other fantasy or sci fi things. We have to confirm the presence of a Dalek, we should have the Ermine Street Guard and possibly some storm troopers AND some Starship troopers. the proofs of the badges and tickets look good and the Name of the Convention is to be Dragondaze. A ripple of pride as I remember how that name was invented 30 years ago, by me, at the very first games con held in this town. I feel immense pride that after 20 years we are again putting on a con and that this time all proceeds after costs will go to a super charity. Barnado's young carers will benefit and will also be at the event.
"What are you grinning at?" asks Mr M, breaking into my thoughts. The moment has passed, the food is ready. I dish it up and as we sit down to eat I begin to tell him what I was thinking about.

Sunday, 13 October 2013

Just have to get this written down while I remember

Last night, long after we had gone to bed and should have been sound asleep, I woke myself up coughing and then choking - I must have swallowed some drool the wrong way..... yeuk!

Anyway, as I settled back down again a soft voice, furry with sleep said "That was really weird." I had obviously woken Mr M, well, it was a really impressive coughing fit. "What did you really say?" he asked, making me open my eyes and wonder if I was really hearing him. "What do you mean?" I asked back.
"Well I am sure I heard you say 'It's a chocolate caramel!' but why would you say that? were you dreaming?"
I tried not to laugh, honestly. I failed. and by trying not to I made it worse. I explained that I had been coughing and choking and he said "Oh, good, because that didn't make any sense." then he did that not-really-awake-so-I'll-just-burrow-further-into-my-pillows thing and was soon snoring gently.

I chuckled a little more and soon was fast asleep too.

Sunday, 6 October 2013

October Story Telling Sunday - My precious

Story Telling Sunday was thought up by Sian over at From High in the Sky Why not pop over there and take a look at all the other wonderful stories. Make yourself a cuppa and grab a biscuit, you could be there for some time - after you've read my contribution of course.

Lots of people who took part in Rinda's Summer Scavenger hunt chose to photograph themselves with their camera as the "portrait of you with your favourite crafting tool". I hadn't realised that my camera was a crafting tool. I thought it was an essential part of what I wear, like knickers or a bra. The sort of can't-go-out-without-it item. I know that from as far back as I can remember I have always had a camera. I couldn't afford the film or the processing very often but it was always close at hand even when I was in primary school. I was told by the teachers not to take it to school but it was mostly hung around my neck and they gave up.
Having said all that I am nothing more than a snapper. I don't take photographs to make a beautiful picture, like my college trained photographer son-in-law. I like to snap something as it happens, I like to capture the memories of the occasion.
With Admiral and Lady Bluefunnel on The Matthew
Having said all that I then searched for a picture, any picture of me with my camera and this is the only one I can find that is on the computer. The one I had in mind was taken nearly 30 years ago when I was using my second hand Zenith 35mm camera, just about the best one I have ever had in my opinion. That camera had been dropped in some very exciting places. The Square in Hameln on a Sunday morning when we were waiting for the play and the clock. The park in Leamington Spa when waiting to visit a friend in hospital. The Arndale centre in Manchester and outside the town hall in Rochdale to name the ones I can remember. As it was made of metal it just dented but didn't break. I still have it and would use it again tomorrow if it wasn't for the convenience of digital. My present camera is an Olympus SP-550UZ. it doesn't have go faster stripes but it does have a nifty zoom. It has been either set on auto or scene since I was given it (A present from an old friend who hopes to turn me into a photographer) but as you can see from the picture it hangs around my neck and falls into the hands just perfectly.
Oh it is so much a part of me that the one Sunday we went into Morrisons to do the shopping the lady on the check-out said "I nearly didn't recognise you without your camera". I had put it into my pocket because of the rain and it was still there.