Saturday, 21 July 2018

It's been a while

A lot has happened since Mr M announced his retirement to the family on June 16. for a start the problems with his legs and the Lymph oedema would not go away. so he spent four weeks on one course of antibiotics after another. 
We think we have control now but we aren't relaxing just yet.

You can just see the 'Blue Badge' on the dashboard. This means we can park in disabled spaces and not have to walk far.

Watching the rafts on Llandegvedd reservoir

Visiting my lovely sister-in-law. Mr M sitting in the slight breeze and wearing Diane's hat!

waiting for lunch at Franco's in Aberavon. It seems that Mr M has only one shirt

Trying to catch a picture of the nekkid sheep. I took something like ten pictures and missed every time