Monday, 30 November 2009

Advent and JYC

I put the Christmas wreath on the front door today. I should have done it yesterday because that was the first Sunday in Advent but I forgot.
I have made the covers and the pages for my Journal Your christmas class and tomorrow the first prompt will arrive. I am hoping it will lift my spirits a little. I am not sure why I feel so down in the dumps, perhaps the doctor is right and I am SAD - or did he mean suffering from Seasonal Affected Disorder. My feet are just as bad as ever and my fingers are going through the "let's-be-painful-and-swell-a-lot" stage -- again. so all in all I am not the person you want answering the question "how are you"
My girls continue to delight me. Noisy has decided that she is going to peck her own feathers out so she is still bare chested. Stephanie McQueen has a complete set of feathers and looks beautiful. I am convinced it is because she is so quick the others can't catch her. Mrs Pecky was scared by the fireworks on bonfire night and for three days she laid eggs without shells. She was just beginning to look a bit better and we had the ceremony for turning on the lights. this had a huge firework display so that meant another four days with egg all over the floor of the hen house.
Now I am worried incase she has egg peritonitis. There are no visible symptoms until they drop dead. She is eating well and scratching about when the weather permits.
Oh how they hate the rain. They stand in the sheltered part of the run or they nip across and stand under the table and they droop. The only thing worse so far is the wind. that makes them wander about like those Chinese ladies in the programme "Above the Clouds" or whatever it was called on Channel four about ten years ago.
Tomorrow I am having another go at baking a Christmas fruit loaf. If the yeast will work.

Monday, 16 November 2009

Photo accepted!

I have had a photograph accepted for inclusion in Schmaps latest brochure about the North-East. I took a pic of Warkworth Castle and put it and lots of others onto my Flickr account and then Schmaps contacted me and asked if they could use it in the brochure. I don't get paid or anything but my name - Ladkyis - is there for all to see. I am chuffed to little mint balls and, of course, I get a widget on my blog to take people direct to the website if they so wish.