Monday, 25 May 2015

Me on Monday - Antiquing? good heavens!

It was a short notice out with the Bluefunnels, Laugh all day, collapse exhausted on Saturday then up on Sunday and sleaze before girding our loins for Monday and going in search of a coat hook and some beans sort of a weekend
The Lord Admiral is feeling much better after his TIA but is still not allowed to drive. This means that Lady B has been chauffeur for the last month. She rang me on Thursday and asked if we were busy on Saturday and if we would care to "Take us anywhere I don't have to drive!" Mr M was delighted to assume the role of chauffer as driving is his hobby. The Lord Admiral was Co-pilot leaving Lady B and me free to put the world to rights. We went to Baddesley Clinton, a National Trust property that really is well worth a visit. The Wisteria was just going over but the perfume still filled the courtyard and made your head spin.

There are costumes and hats for children to try on, so they can get an idea of what it looks like to be dressed in Tudor style. As the Tudor Dynasty began with Henry VII our sons of Wales just had to try on the hats and use the picture frame.
 I think the Lord Admiral looks Admirable.
We needed to go to a garden centre as Lady B said they had things she needed so we went to a little place called Webbs of Wychbold put that into google earth and see how big it is.

I managed to get a particular rose that my daughter has wanted for a long time, so that is part of her special zero birthday gift. There is also a Lakeland store as part of the site and they always have good stuff I didn't know I needed. Miss Boo now has her own personal wasp whacker and I have some neat fridge tidy drawers for my shelves.
Sunday we stayed home and I finally got Mr M to help move a huge tub in the garden so I can plant runner beans in it. Youngest Son arrived home just in time to assist in the lifting and moving so that was good.
Monday wwe were going out to find a replacement coat hook for the broken one on the hall stand. It has to be exact so I don't ming waiting. We didn't find one at The Pumping STation in Cardiff but I did find a fabulous brass fender for my hearth. It still needs cleaning properly but it looks like it was made for my room. I love it and it was only £40 so I spent some of my Christmas money from my darling Father-in-Law. We also went to a local Nursery/garden centre where they grow their own plants and I bought the runner beans to go in the blue tub. All in all a great weekend.

Me on Monday is the invention of Sian FromHighInTheSky why not pop over there and take a look, she had a good weekend too!

Tuesday, 19 May 2015

Me on Monday - Late again

It's been a do very little, sleeping working and shopping at Morrisons, dinner with the Bluefunnels weekend.

Mr M has been a little down recently so we stayed home and he slept. He doesn't sleep well in bed just now but can snore for Britain when lying on the settee. Youngest son who is living here now goes to work at 1am and comes home anywhere from 4pm to 8pm depending on where he has driven his Farm Foods truck that shift. I am getting pretty darned good at producing food that can be either eaten anywhere between those hours or can be re-heated in the Mollyvibe without deterioration.
Sunday we went to Morrisons and did an essentials shop - that was expensive but the pantry the freezer and the fridge are full and today I put three items on the shopping list ~sigh~

Sunday evening we went to the top of the hill for dinner with the Admiral and his lady. We paused as we got out of the car and admired the view of the two Severn crossings and the lights of Avonmouth and Portishead. We waved to our friend Mikhail who lives over there and went in for a lovely fishpie followed by granola and rhubarb with cream.

The Admiral seems to be fully recovered from his "funny turn" and is now pretty darned sure that it was the new medication that was the cause. He sees the doctor this week to sort that out. Lady B says he is slightly more relaxed with her driving now although she still feels the occasional urge to shake him warmly by the throat. He should be allowed to drive again in about a week

So that was it. Home to find Youngest son was sound asleep because he was not working on Monday and therefore could stay up but was too tired to do so.

Me on MOnday is the invention of Sian over at FromHighInTheSky why not go and take a look at hers now that you've read mine?

Monday, 11 May 2015

Me on Monday - still chuckling

It's been a let's-go-for-lunch, let's-ask-the-Bluefunnels, looking for special zero birthday presents, declaring war on the slugs, getting dizzy with the perfume, listening to Miss Boo describe the new car that Mummy and Daddy are buying kind of weekend.

On Saturday we suddenly decided that lunch out would be good. We rang the Admiral to see if he was feeling better and discovered that they were in Devon on a long planned weekend visit. He is much better and beginning to believe that the "funny turn" was caused by a change of medication. Lady B is already fed-up with the passenger seat driving she has been subjected to after the doctor forebade him to drive for the next four weeks. If he survives I suspect she will be able to market her own brand of gag and blindfold.

We went to Jo's in Whitchurch and then on up towards Ross where we headed along the Hereford road to this amazing place where they sell all sorts of recycled and salvages stuff. A lot of it is highly priced pretentious shi  stuff but some of it is cute and one or two pieces would have come home with me but I have nowhere to put them. We were looking for something different for two special zero birthdays, you know the ones that have a five in front of a zero? yeah, well my beautiful daughter reaches that milestone this year and my ex daughter-in-law gets there in July. Both of them should have something to mark the special day and finding it will be the summer task - along with the Scavenger Hunt, but that's a whole other post.

The nasty slugs have eaten nearly all the leaves from my new clematis so I have to get slug pellets but I have birds that come in my garden and I don't want to poison them or the cats - sigh - it's knowing what to do that takes the time. In the meantime I stand by my washing line and get dizzy from the heady perfume of the Wisteria - heavenly

The best bit of the weekend was when Miss Boo came back from Gang Show rehearsals and showed us the pictures of the car that she and Mummy had chosen. She described the colour and the shape and then said "Mummy opened the boot and showed me. It's huge. I told her you could easily get a body in there."

Now I know she likes a good murder mystery but I did briefly wonder who she thought Mummy would be putting into the boot. I didn't ask.

Friday, 8 May 2015

In my garding ...

In my garding (as a small person used to say)  My Wisteria is coming into bloom and this year no chickens to gobble up the petals when they fall :(

 On the other hand, no chickens to eat my Fuchsia and Lavender and Jasmin, Solanum and Clematis
and more chance for me to smell the fabulous perfume from these flowers.

Happy days

Tuesday, 5 May 2015

Me on Monday - sorry Tuesday

It's been a not what we expected so let's just sleaze kind of a weekend. 
We were supposed to be out with the Bluefunnells but the Admiral had a funny turn last week and travelling far from home was crossed off the list of things to do. The Admiral's Lady was hiding her concern pretty well but the chance to have a lie in and not bother with work seemed like the perfect thing to do.

We thought long and hard about whether we would like to go somewhere and it all seemed like too much hard work so we stayed home. Mr M went shopping on one of the days. I watched the rain watering my tomato plants and my new fuchsias - I can have flowers again now that the chickens have gone to the care home. I have Lavender, Clematis, Jasmine and something that begins with S but I have totally forgotten the name. I also planted the two old sinks with some herbs that I might or might not use in cooking - OH, oh and a chilli plant.

I did some washing and managed to get one lineful dry between the showers. I spent most of my time finishing the knitting I am doing for my youngest grandchildren and crocheting a blanket before I start knitting for the great grand children.

So that was our bank holiday, youngest son spent most of it in bed with an upset tummy. So glad we have a house big enough not to hear when people are throwing up in the bathroom. He went off to work at 2am so he is obviously feeling a bit better

Today I have nothing to do until 3.30pm when I meet Miss Boo from school so I will have to sleaze again.