Tuesday 5 May 2015

Me on Monday - sorry Tuesday

It's been a not what we expected so let's just sleaze kind of a weekend. 
We were supposed to be out with the Bluefunnells but the Admiral had a funny turn last week and travelling far from home was crossed off the list of things to do. The Admiral's Lady was hiding her concern pretty well but the chance to have a lie in and not bother with work seemed like the perfect thing to do.

We thought long and hard about whether we would like to go somewhere and it all seemed like too much hard work so we stayed home. Mr M went shopping on one of the days. I watched the rain watering my tomato plants and my new fuchsias - I can have flowers again now that the chickens have gone to the care home. I have Lavender, Clematis, Jasmine and something that begins with S but I have totally forgotten the name. I also planted the two old sinks with some herbs that I might or might not use in cooking - OH, oh and a chilli plant.

I did some washing and managed to get one lineful dry between the showers. I spent most of my time finishing the knitting I am doing for my youngest grandchildren and crocheting a blanket before I start knitting for the great grand children.

So that was our bank holiday, youngest son spent most of it in bed with an upset tummy. So glad we have a house big enough not to hear when people are throwing up in the bathroom. He went off to work at 2am so he is obviously feeling a bit better

Today I have nothing to do until 3.30pm when I meet Miss Boo from school so I will have to sleaze again.


Eileen T said...

Sleazing is good for you and is something that needs to be done regularly!

Hope the Admiral is better soon and that it is nothing too serious.

Look forward to seeing photos of your garden.

Sian said...

Hoping The Admiral is feeling more shipshape soon, so that your trips out can re commence.

We had a very quiet Monday too..it definitely involved knitting, though. I'm telling them all they can never have too many socks.

It's good to see you back!

Maria Ontiveros said...

Sounds lovely!