Tuesday 19 May 2015

Me on Monday - Late again

It's been a do very little, sleeping working and shopping at Morrisons, dinner with the Bluefunnels weekend.

Mr M has been a little down recently so we stayed home and he slept. He doesn't sleep well in bed just now but can snore for Britain when lying on the settee. Youngest son who is living here now goes to work at 1am and comes home anywhere from 4pm to 8pm depending on where he has driven his Farm Foods truck that shift. I am getting pretty darned good at producing food that can be either eaten anywhere between those hours or can be re-heated in the Mollyvibe without deterioration.
Sunday we went to Morrisons and did an essentials shop - that was expensive but the pantry the freezer and the fridge are full and today I put three items on the shopping list ~sigh~

Sunday evening we went to the top of the hill for dinner with the Admiral and his lady. We paused as we got out of the car and admired the view of the two Severn crossings and the lights of Avonmouth and Portishead. We waved to our friend Mikhail who lives over there and went in for a lovely fishpie followed by granola and rhubarb with cream.

The Admiral seems to be fully recovered from his "funny turn" and is now pretty darned sure that it was the new medication that was the cause. He sees the doctor this week to sort that out. Lady B says he is slightly more relaxed with her driving now although she still feels the occasional urge to shake him warmly by the throat. He should be allowed to drive again in about a week

So that was it. Home to find Youngest son was sound asleep because he was not working on Monday and therefore could stay up but was too tired to do so.

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Sian said...

I have to go food shopping today and it's not a job I enjoy. They keep eating it, that's the problem. If they just admired it and put it back in the cupboard that would be okay.

I hope the restful weekend did some good and that the rest of the week has some good things in it

alexa said...

You have been busy! Hope the snoring gets sorted - I think that would drive me mad :). Looking at views sounds very restful ...