Sunday, 30 August 2009

I have done my cover for LSNED. It has taken five goes to get it onto this stupid blog, probably because I am having a bimbo day today and everything seems to be written in scribble - and I am only reading in capital letters

I am determined to use only stuff I already have, no sneaking onto the intarwebby and ordering stuff. I want to get some space so I can ask for gift vouchers for all my favourite shops and get loads of goodies for Christmas. Mercenary? moi? you betcha!

Thursday, 27 August 2009

Learn something New Every Day 2009

I have been haunting the forum trying to decide not to do the class again this year but knowing that secretly I really, really want to do it.
I have just decided not 20 minutes ago, that I will do the class and this time I will try to take pictures of my covers and pages and then post them on here. This is, afterall, what I set up this blog to do.
Now I have stopped kidding myself about not doing the class I feel much happier - Shimelle's classes always do this.