Thursday, 27 August 2009

Learn something New Every Day 2009

I have been haunting the forum trying to decide not to do the class again this year but knowing that secretly I really, really want to do it.
I have just decided not 20 minutes ago, that I will do the class and this time I will try to take pictures of my covers and pages and then post them on here. This is, afterall, what I set up this blog to do.
Now I have stopped kidding myself about not doing the class I feel much happier - Shimelle's classes always do this.


humel said...

Hi there, just dropped by from Shimelle's :-) I'm so pleased you decided to join us after all! But I'm sorry to hear about your eczema :-( I suffer from it too, I've had some bad spells in the past, though luckily it seems under control at the moment, but I can empathise. See you in class!

Ladkyis said...

The eczema has been bad for a year so it can stop now please. The thought of the class is really perking me up and making me feel better. Thank you for commenting