Saturday, 14 January 2017

A splendid day out

No photographs. I took the camera but didn't switch it on. Still not feeling 100% but I really felt that if we didn't go out I would be stuck in the house forever.

We went to buy a coat for Mr M.

We failed. wrong sizes and wrong prices. Ah well.

We went to Staunton and Corse to the garden centre because their tea and coffee is always good. Then we headed to Upton on Severn and Clive's Fruit Farm. We had jacket potatoes, shan't bother with those again. It must be the winter weather cos the food was lukewarm and flavourless. Mr M had Chilli and I had just cheese on mine. I couldn't even taste it. Mr M said his chilli wasn't and could only be described as stew, and not very flavourful stew either. He said it tasted as though it had been made from tomato soup and carrots.

Anyhooooo. We did stroll around the shop and bought a lovely pork joint and a pasty and scotch egg for Mr M for his tea.

Then we headed home. As we were driving along a lane somewhere we saw a sign that said

"Peacocks for Sale"

"That's not something you see too often" remarked Mr M and then we both burst out laughing. It quite made up for feeling lousy and eating warm food.

Tomorrow we have roast pork on the menu - with roast potatoes, carrots, parsnips yorkshire pudding (yes, I know but we like yorkshire pudding) and gravy and perhaps a trifle afterwards.