Tuesday, 27 July 2010

No Going Back

"They" tell you that you should never go back. Well, today I went back to the place I grew up from 9 months old to 14 years. I have to tell you it was great!

My Dad built the bungalow and there were so many 'original' features still there. The light switches my mother chose, the airing cupboard doors that didn't shut properly and still don't. The windows that were put in too high up the walls so no one under 6 feet tall can see out. The tiny kitchen that really should be upgraded. All just fabulous. I wasn't sure if I would like it but I did. There were no emotional strings, I am my father's daughter after all, and places and things do not hold my heart strings. Dad always said "Things are just things and can be replaced, places are just places and can be revisited. People, Ah now there's what's important. People can steal your heart and they cannot be replaced your time with them is precious so use it well."

It brought back a few memories that I will put into the memory books and we took a couple of photographs. Miss Em got to see where Grandma lived when she was a small girl - and that thought alone set her seriously thinking. The first time she has really realised that we didn't spring into existence fully formed.

So a learning experience for all of us. Mr M was able to see where I grew up and the people who live there now were able to dredge my memory for information about boundaries and the history of the house.

Tuesday, 20 July 2010

Well, It made me larf

Someone sent this to me, I just love it!