Tuesday, 29 December 2015

Me on Monday - Late but so glad to be back

I've been a bit ill. Cellulitis is a nasty insidious thing that sneaks up on you and wham, bam! you are suddenly a gnat's whisker away from admission to horsepiddle because your temperature is heading skywards and your legs are glow-in-the-dark neon red.
Thanks to the marvellous nurses from Rapid Response and the kind receptionist at the surgery not to mention my own GP who all went that extra innings to get me better.

So that's what I have been doing for six weeks.

Now, Christmas........ Hahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha. What did you have? We had no hot water or heating and a British Gas engineer for our Christmas.
 I was well enough to stand up long enough to get the vegetables and the beef in the oven. My lovely daughter was slaving away in her own kitchen and sending Biker Boy up to ours with food in dishes and on plates.
Before that, at about 8.30am I shouted up the stairs to Youngest Son that we had no hot water and could he do the "thing with the boiler". He said yes. a few minutes later he came down for a bucket because the boiler was leaking and it wouldn't respond to the "thing" he does.
Mr M tried the plumber/boiler lady and it went to voicemail. He then rang British Gas and set up a contract with them - took about 20 minutes and around 11am an engineer arrived.
"I don't carry the spare part that you need, I'll have to come back tomorrow" he said.
So three of the six people around the table were a little bit smelly because we all refused to cold shower in a house with no heating.
Mr M reminded us that when we were living in the previous house we didn't have heating either but he just got "the Look" from me.

The engineer arrived around 5pm on boxing day and within the hour he had fixed the boiler checked the gas and the water and the heating system and gave us the clean bill of health we craved. Yes we did line up for the shower.

The rest of the holiday was great. I am still spending most of my days elevating my legs but the walking about is getting more frequent. They played games and we ate, boy did we eat. Eldest Son and family arrived on Sunday for a brief stay. I had loads of hugs and kisses from the grandsons, including a whispered "I love you, Grandma"
Life doesn't get much better
My thanks to the lovely Sian for inventing this way of blogging. I am glad to back amongst you all.