Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Sharing a cuppa

Come on in! It's so good to see you again, have you had a good month? Tea? Coffee? Vimto? I have some home made banana bread which is delicious - oh you're not allergic to nuts are you? There are pecans and almonds in it.

Sit over that side of the table then you won't have to move...... oh that doesn't happen any more but I still tend to push people around the table to that side. It's from when my parents lived here. I could guarantee that if anyone came to visit that as soon as they sat down at the table my Dad would appear in the doorway, pushing my Mum in the wheelchair to take her to the bathroom. You can see by the space that anyone that side would have to stand up, push in their chair and then move to this side of the table to let him through. He would just stand and glower because of course we should realise.


Now where was I? oh yes, are you well? have you been busy? I have been burning the midnight oil recently because I managed to get myself elected as Webmaster for the family history society, yes I know, it is a bit of a laugh, given my ability to kill computers but they needed someone who wasn't afraid of technology and also had the time to devote to getting the new web site up and running.

Oh I'm not doing the coding or the tricky stuff no we have an excellent web designer/builder for that. No, I am the one that talks to him and tells him exactly what we'd like and then he tells me what we can have and I say "Do it". I have been streamlining spreadsheets and culling databases and getting information ready to put into the various sections. All exciting stuff.

Oh my goodness! look at the time, let me just put the oven on for the tapioca pudding - do you like tapioca pudding? I have just re-discovered it and I make one at least once a week. Mr M will eat anything so we enjoy a little pudding after our meal some days.

Oh, do you have to go? It's been lovely to see you again, I love it when people drop in, I still can't go through the door on my own yet so having people call in is just wonderful - oh I am getting better, I went to see Fascinating Aida last week with my daughter and son-in-law. We had to walk through Cardiff and I didn't even get a twinge of a panic attack and I was good fro the whole evening. Even coming out into the dark wasn't a problem so there's hope for this old bird eh? You will come back won't you? Oh that's great, see you next time!

This post is part of the meme started by Abi over at Creating Paper Dreams why not pop over there right now and see take the chance to visit all the other wonderful people who are offering the chance to sit and have a cuppa. Why not put your own favourite cuppa beside you and join in, you will be very welcome I know.


Abi said...

Thank you for that tea and the banana bread. I have never put nuts in it myself but will have to give it a try- it sounds delicious!

Sian said...

My Mum's wheelchair always makes us hop! We have to move at the speed of light to avoid crushed toes when she gets going..and beware of leaving your handbag on the floor. My glasses case has never been the same again..

Great visit. Great banana bread.

Miriam said...

What a a lovely visit and the banana bread...yummy. You reminded me of my mum 'driving' her electric wheel chair around a shopping precinct! nightmare!!

alexa said...

What a lovely time I've spent with you - oh, and nuts in the banana bread sounds pretty heavenly. I am sorry that I hadn't caught up with your not being well and hope things are improving for you, and the the family history grows apace under your leadership. Will be looking out for your next month in case you're offering tea again ..

Prairie Jill said...

Thank you for the cuppa! It was so nice catching up on what you've been doing. Your web project sounds fascinating!

Looking forward to seeing you again next month!

Amy said...

I often put walnuts in a banana cake - pecans would be delicious!