Tuesday, 26 January 2010

what to do when your favourite forum is temporarily offline

I am at a loss, Bejeweled Blitz id being upgraded on facebook AND the British-genealogy forum is temporarily down! Two of my must visit places are off limits, what ever will I do?
I'll go to bed and finish reading 'The Return' by Victoria Hislop. This is such a good book I have been so glad that the eczema on my feet is really bad, so painful that I don't even want to stand long enough to make a cup of coffee. This has left me with nothing else to do but sit on the settee and either read or knit and watch TV.
As I have just started knitting a jumper for Mr M. I can tune in to the history channel or Yesterday or Blighty and happily spend an hour or two knitting away and watching stuff like "The Making of Britain" or "The War" this is a really interesting series about WW2 that has been done by the same guy that did the award winning series about the American Civil War. It is really interesting to see the conflict from the viewpoint of the people who stayed at home in America. Perhaps I am odd but this sort of stuff interests me and to hear people talking about their experiences is just so fascinating.
Tomorrow Mr M is taking me to the Post Office so I can post all the books that people have requested on Bookmooch.com and the Circle Journals that I belong to and the parcel of Christmas presents that were put under the table in the corner, ready for DS1 to collect only he didn't get here because of the weather so the presents were forgotten.
The cold weather is not good for eczema - hot weather isn't much better either. I am fed up with the horrible cream stuff I have to put on my feet to soften the eczema and prevent it cracking because none of it works.
No, No, No, I am not going to go down that miserable road tonight. I am taking my book to bed.


humel said...

I have so much sympathy for you with the eczema - I'm a fellow sufferer :-( And you're right, no weather helps and no cream really helps! Grrr!!

Did you finish your book? Would you recommend it?

humel said...

I hope your eczema is improving now xx I found that hydrous ointment did help some, I got it on prescription but I think it might be available over the counter too.