Sunday, 13 November 2011

A Wedding

We were at a wedding yesterday. We were there in the role of "Parents of Choice". One of the grooms is a close and treasured friend of ours with no family so he asked us because "If I could choose who I wanted to be my parents if would be you two."

We are honoured to be thought of that way.

We said yes.

I got to walk him down the aisle and we got to sit in the front row and I was able to cry quite freely throughout the partnership ceremony.

They had two cakes, one was made of cheese! Isn't that incredible

The evening event was a masked ball - it was amazing! There were so many people there from the live roleplaying and freeforming community so we caught up with old friends, reminisced about past freeforms  and caught up with the latest news.

I was hugged. Lots of hugs from lots of lovely friends and acquaintances. I like hugs.

We arrived home at 11.45pm having taken exactly two hours to drive back from Tamworth. I took loads of pictures and I have been asked to put together the guestbook, because "you're into scrapbooking aren't you?"
"Yes, a bit" I replied and Mr M snorted with laughter.

So, a good day a stress free journey there and back and the chance to meet up with people I haven't seen for more than ten years.

I have given up trying to put the text and pictures where I want them Blogger is being bolshie and messing up everything I try - sorry


Sian said...

"Parents of choice". That says so much :)

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Anonymous said...

I like that "parents of choice". How neat is that? A cake of cheese - hmmm, definitely sounds like something I'd like. :)