Saturday, 19 May 2012

Malvern - Marvellous!

We had a brilliant day out!
you can just read Quilt Pass - I washed my hands in the ladies
 We all got our hand stamped and them Mr M decided to stay outside for another cigarette while the rest of us went into the fray. I found several stands with stuff I desperately needed, fortunately Mr M hadn't caught up with me yet so I could only buy a cone of pretty sparklers chainette that I intend using on the christmas tags I am making to sell for charity. My daughter was enthralled by all the fabulous fabrics and has decided that she intends having a go at felting. She has the instructions and most all of the stuff so I think next weekend might see her having a go.
which way did we choose? neither, we went the pretty way 
 We met a dear friend while we were there so I got hugged too. Always a bonus. He had taken his mother to the show because the person she usually travels with is in hospital so our friend had the ticket instead. It's a good job he grew up in the rag trade and loves fabrics and is a brilliant machinist - he makes curtains and soft furnishings as his job and he has one of those huge expensive nine thread embroidery machines that I would love to play with...... one day.
we came home via our favourite diner
Afterwards we went across to Leominster, the pretty way, so that we could stop for a late lunch at the OK Diner. We have told far too many people about this place and it was absolutely crowded and we had to wait for a table and then wait for our food. We also had to wait for our stack of onion rings that was supposed to be a starter but didn't arrive until half way through eating our meal.
Not a glimmer of a panic attack at any time, so I am even more pleased about the day. Now I am going to take my cone of chainette up to the craft room and start cutting it into lengths for the tags.


Rory1190 said...

Morrison's is it Grandma??

Ladkyis said...

nope! OK Diner