Saturday, 16 June 2012

Something I made earlier

A post from another blogger made me remember a little album I made a few years ago - 2006 actually. The Lifeboat (RNLI) produced some cute little Paddington Bears and as a competition asked us to photograph our bear in unusual places. We have always supported the RNLI as we think they are the bravest of the brave and they don't get paid either. They get no Government funding and do everything from donations. They save hundreds of lives every year and... well, let's just say we give as much as we can to them.

Where was I?... oh yes. I had far too much fun thinking of places to go to photograph Paddington and even managed to rope in some other people. I forgot all about the competition and made a little album to remember the fun. I thought I could share it now. I will show the photographs and write what is written on the pages. This is because there are names and stuff on the pages and it is easier to simply put the pictures on here and tell the story than to faff about erasing or covering names and things.
Then they said wait by the door so I found one and waited by it... I hate waiting
Then they said "Can you map read?" well it's a map and I am reading it!
Then they said "Navigate" (I am standing on the dashboard because Mr M drove through a ford. I had to hold on with my paws because he drove very fast)
Note from Mr M: "ten miles an hour is fast when you are a bear on the dashboard of a Jeep"
Then they said "Would you care to go for a short holiday with M and J?"
(I packed my bag!)
Note from Mrs M: M is my eldest son and J is my daughter-in-law

This was our first stop... A duffle coat is very warm in California, it makes you go all fuzzy
Wow, you should see what I am looking at!
See? I told you, WOW!
Then we came here... It's very high, and there are bears... big bears, but it does have hot and cold running water... sometimes squirting too, straight up into the sky. I hid in M's pocket
Behind me is Palm springs, so they told me... we were very high.
I saw the racoon stealing food through the fence. M and J were eating so couldn't take a picture. They made sure it didn't steal me. I am a very small bear, but smart!
I am clinging on very tightly because behind me is the Grand Canyon. M wanted to take my picture in the helicopter but I hid in his pocket and clung to the lining and he couldn't get me out hehehehe. (We were very high)
Then they brought me home and Mrs M asked "Do you like music?"
I said yes and packed my bag.
I went to New York with Mikhail (That's what Mr and Mrs M call him). He goes every year and stays at the YMCA and goes to concerts and operas At the New York City Opera
And at the Met. We had breakfast in Central Park every morning and I went to the Opera inside the pocket of his Tux! I am a small bear but I am very lucky and well travelled


Jan said...

Love it! (I am an arctophile in disguise...)

Mrsjobee said...

Brilliant - thank you for sharing.