Thursday, 19 July 2012

It was the dead people that decided me

I am told that I was a bit ill. I didn't think I was very ill but Mr M assures me that I was. It was very strange and painful but no runny nose, no sneezes. Just hot, very hot and claggy so you can't breathe and smelly, incredibly smelly which is strange because you have no sense of smell or taste anymore. Not since the virus two years ago.
So you wake up and open your eyes and there they are. The Dead People. There are four of them. You know they are dead because you knew them alive. Cousin Louise, Wheelchair Steve, The Red Elf and a customer that came into the shop when you first opened it in 1984 who was called Mike.
They were sitting by my bed, watching me, watching them.
And I thought......................If that's the best they can do for a reception committee I'm not fecking going!
I ignored them until they went away and now I have been able to sit here long enough to write this much so I am going to complete one or two more tasks and then sleep for a while.


Sian said...

Woaw. I'm not sure what else to say..this certainly beats the time The Accountant thought he saw a basket of monkeys at the bottom of the bed..

I'm sending you my very best wishes for a good and speedy recovery. Look after yourself. No,wait, get someone else to do it :)

Barbara Eads said...

OMG! This sounds like you are seriously ill. I do hope you recover soon! I look forward to your posts and not ready for them to end yet!!

Jane said...

very scary but it was not your time yet, I hope you make a speedy recovery xx

Hekai said...

Hang on, hang on - what's all this about being ill? Especially *that* ill? Those bugs are out of line, but they've had their chance now, and I'm glad to hear you've put them in their place. Now, get rested, get healthy, and get on with all the fun stuff life still has in store for you!

Oh, and *HUGZ* :-)

Sandy said...

Hopefully by now you have fully recovered!! I'm glad you're still with us! That did sound exciting though - who or what was "The Red Elf"? This sounds like the stuff stories are made of.