Wednesday, 14 May 2014

Self patterning? It works!

Just a quick progress report about the knitting

I still haven't got to grips with the new camera as it makes every picture so washed out looking and that's to do with aperture and I am still struggling because I cannot see which of the teeny tiny symbols the stupid dial is on. I have to get new spectacles so that I can actually see.

Not a terribly clear picture but this is the second attempt. The first one I unravelled because I didn't like it. This one is simple and I can do this while lying nearly horizontal.

I have to say that all this elevation is working and my leg only swells up if I am standing for several hours. I am also trying to regulate food intake - you notice that this is my way of trying to fool myself into dieting. It won't work and I will soon decide to get real and make a proper effort. I think I am hanging on until after the treatment that the dermatologist has recommended has been completed. that way I will be able to exercise without itching, I hope.

Now back to the knitting! and I will get the magnifying glass out and look at the destructions for the camera.


Sian said...

It's like magic! and it spurs you on to do another row and see what appears next.

I'm glad the leg is benefiting from the rest :)

Ruth said...

What little I can see looks lovely. I'm also glad your leg is benefitting from enforced rest.

alexa said...

It's cheering to hear your leg is doing better and that the knitting is coming along. I understand about the camera symbols - I gave up trying to decipher the SLR and just use my point and shoot!