Wednesday, 17 December 2014

The munching........ like the haunting but worse

The Muncher continued to make noise on Tuesday evening. Mr M was dozing in front of his computer and I was reading my kindle in my chair when it began again. I crept out into the hall - tiled floor with carpet runner so no creaking boards to give me away. I could hear it but could not get a definite fix on direction. This means it is munching its way up from the cellar walls down underneath me.
I removed my hard-soled slipper from my foot.
I braced my other hand against the wall.
I banged on the wooden wall of the under-stairs cupboard with the hard-soled slipper then I stepped onto the suspended floor of the breakfast room and stamped hard with the slipper-shod other foot.
Then I banged a few times on the wooden floor with the slipper and shouted "Have this for a headache you munchrat!"

This took just seconds to do and as I was shouting Mr M shot out of the study, wild-eyed and ... I was going to say panic stricken but he never panics so he just looked a bit shocked really ... Oh what the heck! let's use a bit of author licence shall we?
Mr M shot out of the study, wild-eyed and panic stricken "What's wrong! what the he...."
He saw the slipper held tightly in my right hand.
"Oh, still munching eh? well that'll give him a headache"
He turned to go back to his jigsaw on the computer, paused and turned back. "It'll also make our noisy neighbours aware of how sound travels through the walls" He grinned and disappeared into the study.

If it continues we will have to get the rat man back again ~sigh~


Sian said...

Sounds a bit like the time I kicked a rat across our kitchen!

That munching must be like some kind of horrible water torture

Miriam said...

This has reminded me of the time I heard a splash splash kind of noise....

Maria Ontiveros said...

I love your writing and have missed it during my blog break. What a visual picture you created,