Monday, 29 January 2018

Monday and Me - Pink sky! No, really PINK SKY!

It's been a quiet week in Lake Wobegone - sorry, it's just that when I think about how to start my ramblings I always come to Garrison Keillor's opening lines on his radio show. It has been a fairly ordinary week here at Macey Towers. Youngest Son and Mr M are both recovering well from their battle with viruses and bacteria but next in line was Darling Daughter. She was sent home from work and after two days did the "I'm indispensable" routine and struggled back in only to be sent home again. This time she accepted that she really was ill and took to her bed with her Bettermaker Blanket. She has gone off to London for a conference or course today so she is on the mend too.

On Friday we had builders - MY builders, the ones who did my cellar stairs and my kitchen AND my french doors in the breakfast room. The put this lovely new door with a tilt and turn window in the top into our study so that we can have a breath of fresh air in here and the rats cannot chew through the door frame because it is metal with a covering of plastic.

Isn't the colour of the sky amazing? NO I haven't done anything funny with photoshop that is really how it looked. Newport County were winning their football match against Spurs at the time so perhaps the sky was really full of flying pigs.

I loved the way the colour was reflected on the wall of the house behind us. I am also quite impressed with how tidy the kitchen looks, it's not usually that neat

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Ruth said...

What an incredible sky!