Tuesday, 24 April 2018

Me on Monday - quilting and eating

It has been a while since I have had Monday thoughts but I have just completed the applique on the Harry Potter quilt and I needed a break before starting the serious beading.
The weekend before last we went out for a little ride to see my sister-in-law who has broken her humerus, right at the top near the shoulder joint, and after commiserating with her and admiring her bruising - shoulder to wrist all colours of the bruising rainbow - we went to the Hungry Horse for lunch and then came home the pretty way via Gloucester and Ross-on-Wye.
 The Unicorn quilt is now completed but you can't see it until the recipient has set eyes on it. These are the cushions to go with it.
 Lunch at the Hungry Horse. I had the steak and I have to say that so far my steak has always been perfect at any of the Hungry Horse pubs we have been to.
 The very beginnings of the Harry Potter quilt. Hogwarts will never look the same again. I should probably read the books for accuracy, but I am content to google such important facts as "what colour are Harry Potters eyes?"
 We went to Chepstow Garden Centre for lunch this last weekend. I know it sounds strange because we are together at home all the time (when Mr M is not in work) but I really do like those times when we go out and he gets to enjoy his hobby of shouting at other drivers - no, wait..... he gets to enjoy his hobby of driving and we can talk without the phone or TV or someone at the door interrupting.
There comes a point in the year when the amount of green on the trees and hedges is greater than then amount of brown. We call this Green Day and we declared it for our special area of South East Wales on 21st April 2018. This is the A449 near Raglan

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