Saturday, 10 March 2012

Modern Technology and The New Girls

GLC at the back Koala at the front and Amber, the dirtiest
chicken ever, in the middle
This is just a quickie because I have been on a learning curve with my phone. I have a Blackberry Curve. It is, so the information leaflet tells me, an all singing, all dancing implement that will enhance my lifestyle... well, we'll see eh?
Mr M worked out that I was paying more with my pay-as-you-go phone that didn't have a camera than Virgin were offering with this all-whistles-and-bells thing on a monthly contract. It has a keyboard so I have said goodbye to predictive text - goodness me I hate that with a passion! It also gives me internet access - when it wants to.
It has been useful because I have taken a few pictures with it, including a picture of a birdhouse on the shelf in Morrisons when my daughter sent me a frantic message asking me to "Find something for Miss M because I haven't got anything for her to open in the morning" It was her birthday the following day and her 'proper' present would be collected after the event.
I have managed, eventually to connect to Facebook and what a palaver that was! More trouble than I want to go to that's for sure.
I wanted to transfer the pictures on my phone to the computer. Ah yes, I hear you say, You download the software and Bob's your uncle. Not with my computer. I loaded the Blackberry software onto my computer and it promptly had a hissy fit and refused to do all manner of things that had been second nature to it until that moment. Small unimportant things like open Microsoft Word, or Publisher or Photoshop. You get the picture?
It also made the startup time go from 4minutes 27 seconds (yes I did time it once) to 27 minutes and counting.
I uninstalled the darned stuff and immediately it was a happy puter again. My tame computer guru talked me through everything and with a sigh said "It shouldn't have done that, but this is your computer and as you say it hates you."
Anyhooo, I suddenly thought that if I could email the pictures to my hotmail account I could then email them back to my computer and it would never know the phone was involved would it? So I connected the phone to the email - that was fun and a BIG mistake but hey. I emailed the first picture to my hotmail account. Then spent twenty minutes trying to get into the hotmail account (It helps if you use the correct identity) and in the meantime a copy of the email went to my computer so I don't have to send it back I can simply email it to myself YAY!
All this just to transfer a picture from my phone to the computer. I love modern technology.
The new girls are called Koala and GLC (Goldie Lookin' Chicken) The reason why is a whole other story and I might just keep that for Storytelling Sunday.


Barbara Eads said...

I'm about to get a new phone and am thinking of the iPhone. My husband who is NOT tech savvy loves his. He doesn't love anything (except the girls and I), so that's quite an endorsement! I'm trying to hold off until the new ones come out in summer. I'm a MAC user anyway, so hopefully all will work smoothly.

Sian said...

I do like the sound of GLC! Brilliant name