Sunday, 25 March 2012

Sundays are for......

There are times when your life seems to be a complete crock of... not very nice.
There are times when the weight of the world sits on your shoulders and as soon as you shift it the black dog of depression moves in and takes its place.

Good faces!

Then there are days when you wake up really early because you have to let the chickens out and the sun is shining. The mist is lifting from the river and you are having your hair cut at nine o'clock.
You just know that even though the sciatica has been really painful so that sitting, standing or lying down is impossible after a few minutes, that today is going to be a good day.
She really isn't disapproving
After the haircut we went to Monmouth for chicken food and then on up the A40 to Whitchurch where we stopped at Jo's place for lunch. I was very good and only picked up one book while I was waiting. They have bookshelves and you can have free books, you just have to give a donation in one of the charity boxes on the table.
We then changed direction slightly and headed for Hereford, until Mr M saw a road we haven't been on before so we meandered through the lanes for several miles. Quite a lot of miles really and eventually came out not far from Hampton Court Castle and Gardens - we are going there one day - and from there it was a matter of a couple of miles to the OK Diner for a refreshing cuppa and then home via Talgarth Tretower and Abergavenny.
Photograph keyring - fascinating
Today we did boring stuff like shopping in Costco and then Farm Foods and then rested to save ourselves for this evening when we went out with my son and his partner and their children and my daughter and her husband and their child. It sounds kind of cold when written that way but it's really not that way at all.
Chips are good, but only the soft ones
My youngest son was married to the WWC and then she divorced him because she had an affair - go figure. Now he has found a lovely lady, with all her own teeth (long story but it was an indicator of things to come) who is strong minded, doesn't smoke, likes to save money not spend it on ...........stuff. She is painfully shy but still strong enough to hold her own in our somewhat noisy family.  Her children are polite, well behaved and full of fun and a real pleasure to be with.
Cousins, so precious
My daughter is...............well she's my daughter and I have talked about her before. Being able to go out for a meal with them and to sit and eat and laugh and talk and not be afraid that something we say might offend is a real treat. So the whole weekend has been a really good family time. I just love it when that happens.


Barbara Eads said...

Your weekend sounded pretty fun. At least better than mine! I've spent 2 days in bed with a nasty cold/flu and now have an awful cough.

Sian said...

I'm glad it was a good one. Cousins are precious, indeed. We have some "real" ones and some "ready made" ones and they go togethere perfectly

Ladkyis said...

My grandmother called the ready made ones "courtesy Cousins" My Mother always referred to them as Honorary Cousins. I prefer Honorary - actually they are mostly just called "My Cousins" because some of the family history is pretty mixed up.