Thursday, 9 August 2012

Not a leg to stand on

A day out begins with food. The OK Diner, Leominster
I have said before that we have a day out with the Bluefunnels. We try to go about once a month as it is a total relaxation for all of us. However, Mr Blue is waiting for a specialist appointment to see if he now needs a knee replacement. Mrs Blue had something two awful to describe done to her knees a couple of years ago and they are beginning to hurt again and Mr M suffers dreadful pain in his knees. This means that wherever we go there can only be short amounts of walking with long amounts of sitting.

Trying to photograph steam rising from the road
at 40mph from the back seat. Not easy
 Mr M is ok when he is driving but this means that National Trust houses where we have a long walk from the car park are really not possible at the moment. Last weekend Mr Blue had sort of decided that he didn't want to go out but when I unveiled my plan he changed his mind.
"What if we go to the OK Diner for brunch? and then on to this fabulous farm shop that we have found called Oakchurch Farm Shop. They have all sorts of wonderful stuff and a restaurant so when your knees scream you can sit down".
This met with instant approval so on Saturday we collected them, after admiring their new front gates, and set off.
Balsamic strawberry oil
We went the pretty way, up through Monmouth and along the Hereford road through the Buckholt. We spent the time as we usually do, catching up on family news and then the latest gossip. We talked about our chickens and their chickens and what the cousins have been doing since the last family reunion and there we were pulling into the car park at the OK Diner. We can park in the disabled space when we go out with Mr and Mrs B because he has a blue badge.

The food, as always was excellent and we spent the next bit of travel time laughing at me trying to get photographs from the back of a moving car. I missed the train (stupid digital camera) and the wonderful clouds of steam rising from the road disappeared to nothing in the photograph.
"Taste this" he said, so she did!!!

 Oakchurch Farm Shop lived up to my hype and we found plenty of things we desperately needed. When I get a good cold box that stays cold I will buy some of their frozen fruit.

Watching the faces as they tasted the various balsamic oil thingies was good. I even remembered the camera and took some pictures.

We then decided to come home the Welsh way and as this meant passing the Tea room that we are "going to go in there one day"
I try to watch what we eat, but sometimes
I'm not fast enough!

We stopped for a cuppa and just had to have a piece of delicious cake as well. By the time I remembered the camera it was too late. Not even a crumb left behind. Absolutely delicious and I wish I could remember the name of it.

We stopped one more time just outside Llangynidr - pronounced in South Wales as Lan gun id er - where there is a tiny farm shop. mostly meat but they did have some Llanfaes ices which were delish!!!

Back to the Bluefunnels eyrie on top of the hill where we had a nice cuppa before heading home to sit and snooze away the evening.


Sian said...

Sounds like you had a right old knees up even without any knees

Barbara Eads said...

Sounds like a wonderfully relaxing trip! And you get to do it in England. I am so jealous!

Ladkyis said...

And Wales Barbara, we live in Wales too