Friday, 22 November 2013

Age Difference

My oldest grandchild is 24 my youngest is 3. This brings a lot of plus points.

"Let me explain. No, that will take too long. Let me sum up. Princess Buttercup is marrying Prince Humperdinck in a little less than half an hour.........."

Sorry wrong script, it's just that every time I write that little phrase "Let me explain", the quote from the film jumps into my mind. Actually that's a little about what I am trying to get at today.

I remember taking my children to see Star Wars. The original film not the recent additions to the set. MY boys were quite young and we went with Mrs Bluefunnel. They were totally enthralled by it and that's where the opening automatic doors like a Jedi started. That and the "These are not the Droids you are looking for"

My children grew up and had children - at least the boys did, had children I mean - and video machines and block busters meant that we could watch Star Wars on the telly. I remember my eldest grandchild telling me the whole story with actions, including the hand gesture that opens the automatic doors. NOw he is grown up and away at University but the Divine Miss Em is at the right age for the first film so I get to listen while she tell me the whole story with actions, including the hand gesture to open an automatic door. She is teaching her mother how to do it too.

I just love watching the process of enlightenment. To see the knowledge going in and then suddenly, and it is a sudden thing, light dawns and they understand.

In the last couple of weeks she has been getting a grip on telling the time on an ordinary clock with hands. She can do digital time easy peasy but the old fashioned analog clock with hands that go around has taken a while but this week she has grasped the concept of after the hour and before the hour and has successfully told the time every day. I want to leap about and wave my arms in the air too

I have seen a lot of gratitude journalling around this month and while I can't be doing it for a whole month I suddenly thought of how grateful I am to be able to see the stages of growth and enlightenment in my grandchildren. I am indeed very honoured to be able to do this


Missus Wookie said...

I've been thinking similar thought - my two are all grown up but my brother's two are nearly 11 and nearly 3. So fun to see the different stages and enjoy them all.

We weren't allowed to go to the original Star Wars, I remember being very miffed about it...

Maria Ontiveros said...

What an interesting post today. First, I'm so happy for you and your grandchildren that you've gotten to have the time together. I wish my kids had more years with my parents.
And thanks for bringing back memories of Star Wars. I saw it on a high school trip on opening weekend before anyone knew how big it was going to be. It was really magical!

Miriam said...

What a lovely lovely post.
"These are not the Droids you are looking for" is a constant refrain in our house these days :)

Sian said...

A good post! I've been enjoying seeing Little E in his first year at school, as my own boy is in his first year at university. I get to go around again!

Barbara Eads said...

Time goes by so darn fast. It was only yesterday that our own children were little and discovering all of these "firsts." I, too, am enjoying the grands on their journey. We'll have "greats" before we know it!

Becky said...

I enjoyed reading this post - it is lovely to see things being passed down through the family like that :)

alexa said...

Very thoughtful, and you are reminding me his much I am enjoying grandoarenthood. Somehow there is more time to notice things :).

Ruth said...

The Boy Child is hoping that Santa will be bringing him the 3 original Star Wars films ... I shall have to practice being a Jedi when it comes to opening doors!