Tuesday, 17 June 2014

Naked Cyclists in the 'Diff

This is my daughter's story but she rarely has time to breathe these days let alone sit at a computer.

She went to Cardiff (The Diff, as it seems to be called here in The Port) on Saturday with Miss Boo, to buy Bridesmaid shoes. Boo is to be a bridesmaid for her Uncle Mark and it is such an exciting thing for her... but I digress.
They had toiled around the shoe shops and decided to stop for refreshment. They found somewhere with outside seating and settled down to watch the people as they drank their drinks and ate their cakes.

There was a strange noise from somewhere along the street so Boo Stood up on her chair to see what it was. I don't know the collective noun for cyclists but I am assured there were a lot.
Boo shrieked "Mummy! they've got no clothes!"
and they hadn't.

A huge bunch of naked cyclists pedalling like mad whisked through the centre of Cardiff and off to who knows where. Such excitement.

As everyone settled back down in their seats the man behind my daughter muttered to his table companion "I am so glad I didn't have the hotdog!"

My daughter said it was a very close thing but she didn't spit her drink across the table or snort it down her nose. Such admirable control. I am proud


Anonymous said...

Oh my! I think I would have reacted the same way as your daughter but maybe not been able to stifle the laugh.

Ruth said...

But did she get a photo????

Sian said...

..and if she did get a photo, is it publishable?

Great story

Barbara Eads said...

That is barely funny. What an experience!

Alison said...

Not something you see every day then?!
Alison xx

Maria Ontiveros said...

The humor in the title is only surpassed by the humor in the story. Great ending!

alexa said...

You had me spluttering in my morning cup of tea :). Beautifully told!

Becky said...

You made me splutter into my tea!

Becky said...

You made me splutter into my tea!

Miriam said...

In the buff in the Diff...I love it. I love the hot dog comment :)