Friday, 4 July 2014

Home again, home again, jiggedy jig.

12 days in hospital getting my leg fixed seems to have worked. They have beaten back the eczema and this has shown that the worst looking bit is actually something called Lymph oedema. "they" have referred me to the appropriate clinic. So now I should be fighting fit and raring to go, right?
Well, the doctor on the ward was worried about my slow pulse. I explained that I inherited this from my father, but she thought it was caused by the blood pressure tablets.
"You get dizzy, yes?"
"no, never get dizzy"
"you have chest pains?"
Nope, never get those"
"You feel nausea, get headaches?"
"Nope, never"

In spite of this she stopped one of my tablets to see if my pulse would get faster and when it didn't she started talking about a pacemaker. I once again explained that it is genetic. but she has now changed my tablets for the ones that caused nausea, headaches and dizzyness last time, and were the reason I was on the other ones. She has also referred me to the cardiac unit because "you shouldn't have the dizzyness and nausea."
So now I am taking the tablets that also cause drowsyness so I sleep. When I wake up I feel sick. When I stand up I get dizzy and feel like I am walking through treacle. I will ring my GP if I can stay awake that long and get an appointment to review the tablets.
Thank goodness my leg is fine, and with all the sleeping I am keeping my legs elevated so no swelling now either.


Miriam said...

Oh my goodness what a strange few days. Glad you're home again glad the leg is fixing but what nonsense about the tablets. From my few years around the hospital I learnt that 'they' are most definitely not always right! You know you best. said...

Well written article but on substance I hope you "improve" and get better soon.

alexa said...

Oh my goodness, what a trying time you are having :(. Hoping that things are going better for you now. Your fortitude is commendable!

Sian said...

Oh, how frustrating..Grr..I agree with Miriam, they aren't always right. I'm glad to see you home all the same x

Maria Ontiveros said...

Oh my, I would stand my ground and demand to go back to my old meds. It's your life, not hers!

Alison said...

I do hope they get your meds sorted out soon...why 'they' have to change things I just don't know!
Alison xx

Barbara Eads said...

I'm glad your leg is better. I hate that we have medicine issues at our age. Just figuring out what works without too many side effects is a challenge.

Becky said...

Oh dear, I do hope that they can sort out your medication soon and that you are very quickly feeling better.

Eileen T said...

That's frustrating for you ... why do they never listen? I'm in a similar situation, trying to tweak my blood pressure tablets - after 20 or so years of having dangerously high blood pressure, I now apparently have low blood pressure! I have been told to stop 2 of my usual 4 tablets and we are in the 'let's wait and see what happens' stage!

Jane said...

why do they never listen, I hope you get it sorted x