Monday, 25 August 2014

Treasure Trailing AGAIN

We have had the booklet for the Usk walking trail for quite a while now. So we decided to have a day out with Miss Boo and her Mummy and Daddy. Mr Ms knees were bad so he stayed in the car and read his kindle while the rest of us walked the trail. We had a lovely picnic at The Island, the first time I had been back there since 1962 and then I decided that I was too fat to walk the rest of the trail so I made my way back to the Square and sat in the sun waiting. No anxiety no panic - new tablets so I am free of that and I revelled in the simple pleasure of being able to go where I like.
This is Twyn Square in Usk, where the trail begins. Are they looking at the answer to a clue? you'll need to do the trail to find out!

Mummy was so thrilled to find the answer to a clue we had to have a cup of coffee before we'd really got started

"Is this a Kissing Gate Grandma?" "Yes Boo, but that's not quite what it means."

This isn't part of the trail but we thought the idea of a book stall in the church was delightful

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Sian said...

Your pleasure in being able to get out and about is wonderful to read about