Tuesday, 14 October 2014

Me on Monday - Snuffling

It was a waiting in limbo, not starting anything in case I can't finish it, making apple pie, going out to dinner with the Bluefunnels sort of weekend. The Doctor now says that M-i-L could be with us for weeks to come so my darling F-i-L is now spending every waking hour at her bedside while Mr M and his brother and sister get there when work allows. I have kind of withdrawn a bit because my strength will be needed afterwards. Monday was a sleaze around until 6pm day and then a stay awake until 7.45 to go and collect Miss Boo from Brownies. Her Mum and Dad had gone to a Joan Armatrading concert in town, a birthday present for Mummy from Daddy. This meant that Miss Boo was with us and she refused to go to bed here so her poor Daddy had to carry her home. Next time I will make Mr M come with me and we'll go to their house. I don't know why I didn't think of it before - see, that's something else the medication has done. It has trained me to stay at home! belatedly joining in with Sian's lovely Meme


Sian said...

It's good to catch up and hear how things are going with you. I can't wish you a great week - I'll wish you a week where you know we're thinking about you. How's that..

Alison said...

Thinking about you this week xx

Barbara Eads said...

Sometimes it is much easier babysitting at their house---especially when it comes to bedtime. You could look at it like extra time with her. I hope you have a calm week.