Monday, 19 October 2015

Me on Monday - filled up with laughter and good food

It was a get the fridge, freezer and sofa from FiL's house. It was a surprise family meal kind of a weekend with a bit of game playing and lots of laughter. It was a sleazy Sunday that segued into dinner at the Bluefunnels where we laughed a lot and reminisced a lot and Mrs B railed against her new knee because it has "been three months and I still can't bend it enough to ride my bike." 
the ticket Officers

gamers ready for action
One of the things we did at Dragondaze, apart from sell a lot of tickets to people who wanted to be inside gaming, was we bought a game. It is called Halfling Feast. It comes in a neat little wooden box and an A4 size sheet of rules. We like simple games. Miss Boo likes games too, however she isn't too fond of the fact that ALL the adults around the table on Saturday insisted on doing sound effects when "emptying belly spaces" - I mean the card that releases 10 belly spaces is called Mighty Fart so what is a gamer supposed to do?
We spent Saturday morning moving the fridge, freezer and sofa from FiL's house so that my granddaughter Ms H can have them in her flat. Her first home of her own. Her partner coralled his dad into using their car and they took the freezer and sofa while Ms H's Dad took the fridge and the contents of the larder in his car. Being a prewar child FiL tended to keep a few supplies in the cupborad just in case he was snowed in.
I also sorted a bag of clothes for the night shelter and my next job is to collect all the bedding - my MiL hoarded bedding - because you never know - and make a few cot sheets for the baby and then see if I can make some single sheets for the other great grand kids as well.
We were supposed to be going out for a meal on Saturday evening but none of us could be bothered sso we stayed home and Miss Boo brought her parents to ours. She announced that Christmas dinner will be "At this table, it is a tradition". So even if it isn't a tradition it is going to be.
Sunday we were really indulgent and had a fry-up of the veggies left over from the night before together with some bacon and a few mushrooms. Mr M had an egg. I don't like egg and I have decided not to eat stuff I never really liked. I am 69 now so I don't have to eat things I hate.
Sunday evening we went up the hill to the Bluefunnels. I love all my cousins and I wouldn't swap any of them they are all very precious to me. However, Admiral Lord Bluefunnel is the closest thing I have ever had to a younger brother. We spent many happy hours together as kids, playing monopoly or just lying on the floor while I read out loud to him. as we grew and I had the horses he would be there with me and these days we still have that rapport.
The best gift he ever gave me? oh that was the day he brought a young lady to meet my parents. We looked at each other and smiled politely but within half an hour we had, several times, come out with exactly the same words at exactly the same time. They have been married for 45 years now and our brains still work the same way. Don't get me wrong we do disagree about things and have been known to glare at each other occasionally but these minor disagreements have never got in the way of the ability to read each other's minds. We put the world to rights, we ate a wonderful meal and we would have played Halfing Feast if we had remembered to take it with us.
Today is an inset day for Miss Boo's school so she is watching TV and reading her David Walliams book and I will be joining her to sleaze away the afternoon because this morning I made four peg bags for the frost fair at school next month.

So that's Me on Monday. My thanks to Sian over at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this way of keeping me blogging why not go and read about her weekend too?


Maria Ontiveros said...

Sounds a busy and fun weekend. I love your reminiscences.
Going to check out that game - it sounds like a winner!

Sian said...

It's so good to hear that you had a weekend with laughter in it :) And so nice to read about the things belonging to your FIL finding a new purpose with someone who is happy to have them. Helps a bit. Yes! When my Grannie-in-Law's house was sold her daughter discovered a huge cache of tinned goods which she had saved because of her wartime experience. Mind you, I think some of them had been there since the war. Spam, anyone?

Louise H said...

Glad you had such a happy weekend - and one full of family is always good. Why do we eat foods we aren't keen on? My Mum will still try to get me to eat Brussel sprouts - at 46 I am not being a picky child!
My dad's parents had their box room full of 'emergency' rations - I used to love going in there as a child just to look at it all. It was a habit that came from the war and from their being incredibly poor as children.

Gail said...

Oh this brings back memories of clearing out my Dad's house when he moved into a retirement residence - there was stuff there I think the whole 50 years he lived there. One thing that comes to mind was the spice rack - Me - Dad when did you buy this? Him - Oh I never bought any of that stuff - your mother did. Ok my Mum had been dead 20+ years at that point - I just tossed the whole thing into the garbage much to his surprise. :) Sounds like your weekend had a lot of fun in it!