Monday 26 October 2015

Me on Monday - sorting and distributing

It's been a sorting out clothes for the night shelter, putting books in boxes, rummaging in kitchen cupboards and most of all missing our girl kind of a weekend
waiting for food
We all went to F-i-L's house on Saturday as the emptying process continues. Trying to ensure that things don't get thrown out if they can go for some charitable use. All the jackets and jumpers (sweaters for my American readers) trousers and the socks that are still in the wrappings from new will go to the night shelter here in town. The shirts and tops can go to the charity shops where someone will find them. Mr M has nabbed all his Dad's ties and when he has sorted through them I intend doing a quilted something out of the rejects.
The reference books and all the murder mystery books are now in boxes in my sitting room to be sorted and bookcrossed and at least one box will be going to Jo's cafe just south of Ross on Wye where she has shelves of books available for a donation to one of the charity boxes.
We also sorted out most of the cupboards in the kitchen, threw away all the food dated 2007 or before. I brought the food processor home and discovered that it had two of every accessory - how did he manage that I wonder. Found the hidden cutlery in a large tupperware box on top of the cupboards. I suppose you only need knives and forks for a couple of people when you live on your own but that made the drawer empty???
Most of all I have been missing Miss Boo. She has gone to Gibraltar with Mummy and Daddy to visit friends and to seek out her ancestry. My ex-husband's father was born on Gib and his mother was born there as were her parents. Boo was interested to see where they lived and where great, great grandmother Ana was buried.
We are told that Boo has an ear for languages and has decided to become a famous photographer and travel the world - I just want her to travel home to her Grandma please as I have emptyarmitis and need lots of cwtches

And that's me on Monday. My thanks again to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this way of keeping me blogging.


Sian said...

A famous travel photographer! What a wonderful ambition. Just thing of the stories she'd be able to bring (tho I completely get the bit about the empty arms)

The Night Shelter sounds like a perfect place for the clothes. I like that idea very much.

Hope those arms are filled again soon!

Patio Postcards said...

Hoping that Miss Boo gets home soon to fill Grandma's arms. It must be the season for closet clearing out, so many, as I am, are writing about the wish for more organization & tidiness in their lives. Wishing you a pleasant week ahead.

Louise H said...

Gosh that sounds a busy weekend. Hope you get your cuddles from Miss Boo soon, and that she returns with lots of fun tales to regale you with. Have a lovely week x

helena said...

sounds a busy and productive weekend and plenty of storied to look forward to when Miss Boo returns

Fiona@Staring at the Sea said...

A famous travelling photographer? Got to admire a girl who dreams big. Hope she's back for those cwtches very soon. Have a great week :-)

alexa said...

I just love your turn of phrase, and 'emptyarmitis' is going to become part of our family's vocabulary :). Hoping your lovely Miss Boo will be back soon, and how wonderful to have been encouraged to dream big and aim high ...

Barbara Eads said...

Sounds like you sure accomplished a lot this weekend. There's nothing I like better than a good "clean-out"---especially for a good cause!