Monday, 11 January 2016

Me on Monday - Still laughing

This is my man in his earthquake slippers
It's been a surprise outing with the Bluefunnels, shopping in an outlet, wholefood and rain, back out for trousis and a flat tyre kind of a weekend.

Did I learn something new? Yes, I think I did, but I'll get to that in due course.

The Lord Admiral and Lady Bluefunnel asked if we were doing anything on Saturday. We said no so they picked us up at 8.30am and we had breakfast at Jo's Place on the A48 at Whitchurch. The laughter had begun before we had left the end of the street because Mr M and I we still in bed at 8.15am. I failed to notice that the setting for the alarm was weekdays only so it didn't go off. We were woken my the text message from Lady B saying they were on the M4. We were only three minutes late.
After breakfast we drove the few miles to Ross-on-Wye and went into Labels. I have never been in there. They have a Bon Marche shop so I was delighted. The men went to the left where all the mens clothing stores were and we went into Bon Marche so that Lady B could buy some winter trousis.
We met up again and headed upstairs. Mr M said that he hadn't bought the trousis he tried because "You don't do sewing anymore" He can't get his head around it when I say that shortening trouser-legs is not real sewing. We then headed for Cheltenham - the pretty way - because they wanted to show us a fabulous store. It was nice. loads of stuff for people who are into cooking. We bought some Chinese five spice and a new pepper mill because I killed the old one, oh and some sourdough starter.
Then it started raining again. By this time we were heading back towards home so we stopped in Henley's Farm Shop for a little late lunch and the chance to buy meat and veg.
When we were back at home I told Mr M that if he wanted to go to Labels and get the trousis that fitted him except for the length then I was happy to go with him. He nodded.
On Sunday He asked if I felt like going so we did. When we got there he took me to the rack and said
"These are the ones I tried on yesterday, see my handkerchief is still in the pocket".
I promise I did not laugh out loud in the shop. I have done every time I have told my children about it.
We came home from there the pretty way and after a stop at Oakchurch Farm Shop we headed home.
We were within half a mile of our house when there were strange noises and the car felt like it was driving over bricks. We had a flat tyre. Now neither of us are the right shape for lying on the floor to seek out the jacking point on the car and so I called the AA. they seem to be busy on Sundays. There was an hour waiting time. Mr M walked home for a wee and came back just as the nice man in the yellow van arrived. He took over the conversation and I then walked home and had a wee and leaned against the radiator to warm... the cockles of my heart - shall we say.
A very eventful weekend. where everything turned out right in the end.
My thanks to Sian over at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this way of keeping me blogging


Gwen said...

Love the fact your 'man' left his hanky in the 'trousis' pocket in the store! But what did you learn?

Ladkyis said...

Ah, I learned that since changing my medication the panic attacks have really really GONE

Sian said...

lol! Good story. I'm glad he decided to go back for the trousers...maybe he has answered that interminable question: where do handkerchiefs disappear to? They're like odd socks round here.

I'm glad the panic attacks really are gone

Jane said...

This did make me smile, he sounds like my husband x

Missus Wookie said...

I did like that the trousers - complete with hanky were still there!

Unknown said...

So funny!

Alison said...

I wonder if the hanky in the pocket put anyone else of buying them?!...great story xx