Tuesday, 8 March 2016

Birthday Holiday - Day 5

Wednesday 10th Feb
Weather: Dryish, windy, COLD
cute sixteen sided house - hence A La Ronde
 Did not sleep well last night - either of us. Hector got up at 4am and knitted for a while. Horace had a warm drink and took pain killers then went back to bed. Today Hector feels homesick. She has been away from home for four full days and this is perfectly normal. Being away loses all its fun and she just wants to go home. When she is distracted she forgets this and is fine. She'll be better tomorrow.
tickets for the timed tour
 Went to A La Ronde, just outside Exeter. Fabulous place! Ellen was our guide and she was great. We spent an hour going through what is a really small property - oh, oh the tea room is where the kitchen used to be and you have to go through the keyhole to get in there. Did Hector take a picture? Of course not.
Because A La Ronde is on a little lane - Summer Lane -we had to see where it led. we passed the commando training base and then turned left for Topsham. We saw Dart's Farm Shop and went in for a look. Lunch in the restaurant was very nice. Horace had the special breakfast, Hector had the Steak Sandwich. There was free wifi that worked!
Obligatory hat picture
Back to the barn through the lanes - lovely - we went through the flood and this time Hector got pictures. Strolled to the village shop for bread and milk. We intended going to the Dolphin for food but we just couldn't be ar*ed.

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