Thursday, 10 March 2016

Birthday Holiday - Day 6

Thursday 11 Feb
Weather: Dry, sunny but cold, dry, did I say that before? DRY
Happy Birthday Horace!

Went to Lyme Regis because we figured that we could find somewhere to park in February. We were right. Bought some bread pudding and a pasty for Horace's tea. Found some excellent Christmas gifts for the Bluefunnels and a birthday card for Michael G
Fearless photographer Horace in Lyme Regis
 Thought about a cup of coffee but decided to defer that to Axminster.
Hector had a wobbly moment in a carpark in Axminster when Horace leaned the back of the car against a wall - not hard but the noise was enough to throw all her switches into panic mode and all sorts of gibberish fell from her lips. Not all of it was swearing, thank goodness.
The result was a circular tour of the town centre eventually finding a place in a different carpark that seemed a little closer to the object of our trip there.
River Cottage Canteen
 River Cottage Canteen.
Oh yes, Horace was having a birthday treat. They gave him a menu because it has the date on it. We spent a happy hour and a half enjoying superb food and great service. Horace had starters then Lyme Regis Lemon Sole followed by icecream.
Hector had Beef shin and kidney pie with buttered greens and herby potatoes followed by cholcolate mousse-cake with walnut cream.
They had wifi so Hector could get onto Facebook and announce to her world where she was.
Hector was too slow to picture the puddings.
Came back via Seaton where we thought we would park by the Wall and then look out at the sea. How wrong we were. The sun had come out so the world and his wife were out and filling all the parking spaces, so we came back to the barn and sleazed while Horace ate his pasty

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