Tuesday, 24 May 2016

I promised you a - Donkey?

This is Woolly. Once I have the correct labels he will be on his way to the Donkey Sanctuary to be sold to raise funds.
This is the fourth attempt. The previous three all had something 'not quite right' I have shared them out between  three of the youngest grandchildren, the newest one had a teddy bear. I have got the hang of these here donks now. I will be sitting and watching TV and knitting until the weather gets too warm


helena said...

totally adorable - so frustrating when a pattern comes out not quite right - well done for persevering through 4 donkeys

Sian said...

Brilliant! Definitely worth the extra effort to get him right. He won't hang around long I'm sure he'll be snapped up

Susanne said...

So cute!