Monday, 23 May 2016

Memorandum Monday - New Car!

New Car

Mr M showing off the size of his boot (That's trunk for my left pondian readers)
This weekend was emotional and tiring. We did the last of the clearing out of my beloved father-in-law's house prior to it being sold. This meant hiring a van to bring some of the stuff to our house and then take some over to a place in Bristol and then the rest to S-i-L in Gloucestershire.

My Youngest Son did the driving. As he drives huge artic trucks for a living it was easy for him to drive the luton van with a tail lift. By the time we got home I could hardly put one foot in front of the other. We sat down and went to bed early. YS discovered, after he had taken the van back and posted the keys into the security box that his wallet had fallen out of his pocket and was still in the van. He managed to be there when they opened on Monday and was able to get it back - PHEW

Sunday morning we took down shelves and vacuum cleaned and then put the welsh dresser together and filled it with all the stuff that was stacked in the corner. We went up the hill to the Bluefunnels for dinner - always a good time. The Lord Admiral was on tremendous form and we spent the evening laughing lots as we ate the most delicious dinner. Lady B loves a proper, traditional cooked dinner and to make sure that His Lordship doesn't do a glorious fry-up and stuff himself with leftovers the following day she piles it all onto a plate and Mr M brings it home. He then has a free extra dinner or two and I don't have to cook FTW!

Monday dawned suddenly for this writer. I dreamt that the lottery were ringing me to give me money and when I opened my eyes my phone was ringing! It was Mr M to tell me that YS was back in work after collecting his wallet. I got up then as I was wide awake. I promised myself that I would clear all the fabric stash and convert the surplus duvets and pillows into cushions so that by Christmas all that stuff will be used up or given away. I made six cushion covers and cushion pads for inside them and when I have sewn the buttons on I will take pictures and show you. Then it was time to go and collect our new (to us) car. That was great. Mr M spent the whole of the journey home doing the "What's that for?" game. Then we had to show Mummy and Miss Boo and Biker Boy and they all oohed and aahed in the right tone of voice. Now we are sleazing a little before bed

My thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing


Susanne said...

Oh the last clearing out of a house is always exhausting on very level. Happy you found a new car - I find that as we get older it takes us longer and longer to figure out all the lovely bells and whistles. Enjoy.

Sian said...

"Health to wear" as we say round here about anything new. Enjoy it! Clearing out a house is a sad and exhausting old business and I know you've been working away at this one for a while now x