Monday, 12 September 2016

Me on Monday - The icing on the cake

You all know that I have been researching my ancestors for nearly thirty years, yes? You know I have "actors" in the line-up and that those actors had children, travelled all over the world and could tell lies to gold medal standard.


On Saturday Mr M and I went to the home of a fellow researcher as she was going to help me look through the British Library Archives for any newspaper reviews of my actors when they were in South Africa. We found several good things and duly saved them to a memory stick for me to transcribe later. She also found information about a totally different branch of my tree and I saved that too.
Mr M was with her husband and deeply engrossed in model railway stuff when we finally peeled ourselves away from the computer. We said our thank yous and goodbyes and headed off for a quick lunch.
My friend didn't stop looking. She kept putting the names I told her into various search engines and sending me the results! Now I have images of the application of my great-aunt to follow her husband to the USA in 1918. It even has a picture of her with their first-born son. Apart from being able to see what she looked like when she was 22 it has also confirmed that this is a picture of her in later life. This really is the icing on my family cake.
Also this weekend I have had an article accepted for an online magazine (genealogy based of course) and a request for more. That made me feel good.
We have sold the tent, finally admitting openly that we will never be able to go camping anymore. Not with his knees and my back. We could easily get into/onto the airbed at night but would need a crane to get us off the floor in the morning.
The last thing we arranged this weekend was for the plumber to come this week to fix a few small things and to remove the bath and put in a new shower upstairs. Now that will be new!

My thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this here meme and keeping me writing


alexandra s.m. said...

Sounds like you've had a very productive week-end!
Congrats on the publication! That is such an accomplishment!
Greetings from Chicago~

Sian said...

Well, isn't that exciting! Cheering your publication on from here. I'm not surprised they want more :)

Wishing you a great week enjoying that new shower when it arrives

Barbara said...

How wonderful to find out all the information on your family. Well done for your publication!
I am researching my ancestors - it can be hard going!

Gwen said...

How interesting - And congratulations on the publication.

Eileen T said...

How exciting to have/find photos of your ancestors - I think photos bring a family tree to life. Congratulations on getting an article published, and to be asked for more is just brilliant!