Monday 5 December 2016

Memorandum Monday - is kitchen sink day

We have had a busy weekend. We bought a little heater for the cellar, just to take the edge off the cold down there. It works a treat. That's a new thing. We also bought a new light fitting for the breakfast room - I still call it that even though it is really the dining part of the kitchen-diner. We also bought a doormat to go by the door in the cellar. This means that after a hard day digging my enormous (18 feet by 15 feet and mostly paved except for a flower bed) garden I won't track mud through the house. I am teasing a bit here because the doormat is an excellent idea to keep those little gritty stones from reaching my wooden stairs.
The new sink will go over in that corner
 My kitchen is long and narrow and tailored to my needs - mostly. The wall units all have a top shelf that I cannot reach and I was grumbling in my head about this until I thought
"My carers can worry about that!"
End of problemo!
No, they are not dancing just discussing next moves
 The glimpse of "my" builders is something very rare. I just love the way they discuss each step of the way. They talk quietly, map out the next moves and then just get on with it. As a long time watcher of people it has been a really fascinating experience for me to see a father and son so in tune with each other. Each contributing and each listening to the other.
Friday night the guys have gone home leaving temporary worktops
Now we can see the shape of things to come
 There will be a new floor. It will co-ordinate with the worktops which are a sandy-brown swirly colour much lighter than the brown you can see. That is actually the back of the boards that will go on the walls.
Monday will bring the real worktop and a sink that works
No more washing up in a bowl balanced on the toilet seat
As I write I can hear the jigsaw cutting and there is also a drill. They are going to put the shelves into the one larder unit today so I can start to fill them with the contents of the old larder - there will be a sink with hot and cold water, the electrics will be done AND food can go into the larder.
See that teeny tiny light in the distance? that's the end of the tunnel! Hurrah

My  thanks to Sian over at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing even in the darkest part of this tunnel of work.


Susanne said...

So glad you've spotted that light there!! Your kitchen is going to be wonderful and it looks like finished before the holidays. Those high up cabinets come in handy for storing Christmas and other seldom used items - I had to retrieve a few things from mine this weekend - climbing on a counter height stool to do so. After I safely managed it, I thought better of doing that again while there was no one else in the house, just in case. I will put a proper two-step step stool on hubby's hardware store shopping list. Ours seems to have migrated over to our son's house, and shows no signs of wanting to return home to its native land. Have a great week!

Eileen T said...

I can't reach the top shelves either. I just put the Christmas/party dishes on one top shelf and all the rest are empty for now ... although I really don't think I'll ever grow tall enough to use them!!

Sian said...

It's starting to look fantastic! There is something very exciting about seeing the bones of it before the doors go on. My family keep threatening to buy me my own personal library kickstep. Tall inside, that's what I say.

Barbara Eads said...

Things are really coming along now. It feels good to be able to get something back in order. Plus, the larder is usually a pretty big job. It will be nice to have that out of the way. I'm really looking forward to the finished room!

Patio Postcards said...

Your kitchen reno is really coming on quickly now. Isn't it nice to watch people working well together. I like the sounds of the quality work; they discuss, then act. Sort of that measure twice, cut once philosophy. I like your thoughts that the care givers can worry about the top shelves (col).