Monday 28 November 2016

Me on Monday - Dry and Dark

There are no pictures. I had no electricity or water for most of the morning. For some reason the stress has captured me today. I can't do anything I want to do because......... I have no idea why not I just cannot settle to anything.
It seems that the moment the water is turned off your bladder is suddenly FULL and needs emptying and that's when you realise that the "for now" place for the new dishwasher (still in its packaging) is the doorway to the downstairs loo. This means going upstairs - again - to the bathroom and I just don't want to!!

Having the front door, the cellar door and the kitchen window all open at the same time meant that any vestige of heat in the house was gone with the howling wind. I took off the thin bodywarmer and put on the thick one, then I took that off and put the thin one on and then the thick one over the top. Seriously considered going back to bed but I just knew that there would be constant knocks on the door as I was consulted over something.

Now I am in the study, can't close the door because the innards of the new larder unit are leaning on it, my feet under the desk just inches from the radiator and the bettermaker quilt taucked around me to stave off the draught

The joys of refurbishment

My thanks to Sian over at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing even in the most odd circumstances


Sian said...

Argh! You are in that dark, dark place before it all turns round and starts working and looking beautiful aren't you? Knitting. Keep knitting..

Patio Postcards said...

I totally get that feeling of not being able to set when the house is up ended with change. Light at the end of the tunnel, when both water & hydro is returned.

Susanne said...

Oh I remember that feeling of being lost and almost stranded in your own house - you just want everything in its proper place so you can go on with your life. Don't worry it will get better.

debs14 said...

Just keep telling yourself "it WILL be worth it in the end". It's horrible to feel that you're a prisoner in your own home but very soon there will be that point where everything gets back into its proper place and these cold, uncomfortable days will just be a memory!