Monday, 14 November 2016

Me on Monday - Coping

We are into week three of the great refurbishment and Mr M has learned that he can cope with strangers in his house and I have learned that I can cope with him coping.
The new kitchen window is now fitted and looks wonderful. The bonus is that this one can be opened, something we had forgotten could happen because the old one bent one of its metal bits. Opening it wasn't a problem but closing it, well, that took The Big Screwdriver, The Smaller Screwdriver and The Funny Metal Bar thingy (sorry about the technical terms) together with brute force and ignorance and a lot of swearing.
Now I have a window that I can open and close with one hand - luxury!

The cellar continues to improve and will be decidedly better when they fix the leaky drain on Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. The door has now been fitted and sealed with insulation and the floor is nearly completely dry after its jet-washing and scraping.

YS has started decorating the bathroom and the new bathroom door will be fitted tomorrow. Did I mention that I went into the bathroom at 5am one day last week and because it is a bi-fold door I did the customary flick of the wrist to shut it and it came off in my hand. I believe I said on Farcebook that I... "didn't cry, I just leaned it against the wall, had a wee and got on with my life"

I have found somewhere for all the tools that my Dad brought here that no one wants a charity called Tools for Self Reliance Cwmru. The take old and neglected tools and stuff and refurbish them for sale and also they make up kits and take them to Africa where they teach people how to use them so they can be self reliant - sewing machines and blacksmithing and mechanics tools. I have so much for them.

Dinner on Sunday evening with Lady B, It was a good evening. We understand each other so well and we trust each other with confidences so I could tell her the latest news without having to watch my word in case something upset her. When it got hard she said "Right, change of subject" and we moved on.I suppose its at times like these that you discover just how much you care about people. I knew I loved her, just didn't realise how much

My Thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing


Sian said...

Cheering you on - you know how much - with all the coping. You're doing it.

Susanne said...

Well, do enjoy the little bits of luxury as they happen amid all the coping.

alexa said...

Your cope-ability (is that a word?) is admirable. And how nice to have a friend where you can just be yourself ...