Saturday, 5 November 2016

I had a dream

Stairs all closed in and the door from the understair cupboard
now fitted at the bottom of the new staircase

The new floor looking good. Youngest son will be
painting walls and skirting boards as soon as the paint arrives.
I had a dream on Thursday night. I was going to keep it and tell you on Monday but it made me laugh myself awake so I decided to share. After all it might brighten your day too.

I had a dream about the new staircase and how the floorboards and joists will be cut sometime this week to make the new entry to our cellar.
In my dream the floor was opened up and the rail and spindles put around the top to stop me falling down the hole. To mark the occasion a ribbon was placed across the entrance and a hand with a pair of scissors cut the ribbon at a Grand Opening Ceremony

When I told "my" builder he had a mouthful of hot tea and for some reason my tale caused him to snort with laughter and he said some tea went down his nose.
Now that was definitely a TMI moment.

As it woke me up laughing and the builder laughed I thought for most of the day and when I told Mr M and my Daughter it kind of gelled in my mind that this is a
Thing That Must Be Done.

Therefore there really will be a Grand Opening Ceremony for the new staircase. I am a quilter so I have ribbon and good sharp scissors. I also have a Granddaughter who has inherited the acting gene. Should I bake a cake? or should I make cupcakes?
I am not a good cake maker. Ask the girls I went to college with they'll tell you the tale of the rock cake and the kitchen window. Perhaps I should make a cup of tea or coffee and take lots of pictures.

The refurbished bathroom is just fabulous.


Andrea said...

we could maek you a cake after all i won the 1st prize for my victoria sandwich

Mitralee said...

I think you should have cupcakes of course and a fancy red ribbon!

Sian said...

Hurray! Cake, cupcakes (or wee buns as we call them here) , candy floss..I'd happi;y bring round anything you fancied if I could

Susanne said...

How fun that the dream will be come reality! Cheers! (And to add my two cents -- how about red sprinkles on the cupcakes to match the ribbon.)

alexa said...

Delighted the bathroom is a success! And a grand opening? Definitely! Ask the guests to bring some nibbles :).