Friday, 25 November 2016

I declare our house officially FULL!

The empty space where my kitchen will go. Note in the bottom left corner a cool box that is run on electricity this replaced the fridge that is now in the cellar and will be full of water and pop very soon

The same space after the delivery man had nearly finished. I had to put a plaster on his finger because he couldn't rip the packaging off it. "Were you a nurse?" he asked. "No I'm a mother, we can do these things" I replied. 

Looking along the hall from the breakfast room: note the end panels against the wall and lots of unidentified long boxes. Also note that I am quickly becoming fluent in kitchen-fitter speak

Looking at the same stuff from the study door. 

The worktops waiting to continue their journey upstairs to the back landing

The front room before the new fridge-freezer went in there. I can still just get in there to sit and elevate my legs and watch TV if I want to. It is rather claustrophobic though
So that was Friday. The guys will be back on Monday to finish the electrics and water downstairs and then they move the washing machine and the sink and the building of my new kitchen will start. I will be sorting and moving stuff on Sunday but tomorrow we are going out.

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Susanne said...

More progress being made, although it is a little tougher to believe in this post! Hang in there.