Monday, 10 April 2017

Monday, Mail and Me - Real Mail!!

 I'll get to the Real Mail in a minute first I have a question - kind of rhetorical but ...
Why do people talk about the Wye Valley as picturesque? I ask this as a lifelong resident of the area. In winter I can understand it a little bit because the trees are bare and you can actually see the river but from now until October anyone who visits will find a narrow, poorly maintained road that wiggles and squiggles between thick trees and undergrowth from Chepstow to Monmouth with only one real chance at a view in Tintern, and you can't park anywhere to admire it. Pause for joke that still makes us laugh after thirty years
"Tintern Abbey"
"Tis, it's a big church"
We took a little tourist laden trip Up to Monmouth then back down to Raglan.
 A Loo stop and a pause for refreshment at Ragaln Garden Centre where I used to work - many moons ago when I was young and fit. The coffee and Rocky Road cake are mine. The tea and cherry sponge are for Mr for mail this week
Well there was one thing. Mr M was watching one of those shopping channels. Why? because he doesn't like watching adverts in the advert break so he changes channel and this time it was to a demonstration of the GTech AirRam2. I like GTech. Lord and Lady Bluefunnel bought their electric bikes and the deal they had and the customer service was such that they bought the AirRam too.
It arrived on Friday and as soon as Mr M came home from work he opened it and I was able to play. Now you have to remember that I don't do housework. We have a Henry and when Mr M saw how many bags came with it he said "That lot should last you a lifetime." There were six bags.
This tells you how often I do any vacuum cleaning.
We have had the AirRam2 three full days and I have used it twice. I love how easy it is to use. No wires, so easy to empty and you don't get a faceful of dust when you do it. The battery lasted through the whole of downstairs and would probably do upstairs too but I am not that keen. Easy to charge and doesn't take up huge amounts of space - oh and the additional bits come in their own neat bag. It has a two year guarantee.

Yes I think I might keep this one.

My Thanks to Sian at FromHighInTheSky for inventing this meme and keeping me writing


Sian said...

Wait, what? Are you saying this new gadget almost makes cleaning fun?? Maybe it's something I should look into..

debs14 said...

Love the Tintern Abbey joke!
We bought a cordless vacuum too, the house has never been hoovered so often! I like the fact that the battery only lasts 20 mins, so you're never more than 20 mins away from stopping housework!

alexa said...

My Mum and Dad had an earlier version of the GTec and it was a great help to them - so easy to use and no danger of tripping over flexes. Hoping you have fun with it! (Well, as much fun as one can ever have with housework. Which is probably not much ...).

Alison said...

I like cordless vacs currently on the lookout for a cordless steam mop! I loved the joke too! xx

Missus Wookie said...

Loved the joke, we have a Henry and I have minions to vacuumn.... but I might tell Wookie about the no wire version as he complains about the trip hazard on a regular basis.