Saturday, 2 October 2010

Now here's the thing...

I have just read another blog and it has stirred me up enough to want to write something. The person was very upset because they had taken a squirrel to the vet and it had to be put down. They were told by that if you trap or capture a grey squirrel you cannot release it back into the wild and could not understand why. They thought it was perhaps because the grey squirrel is considered vermin. That's part of it. The other part is that they are not a native species so releasing them is against the law. You would not dream of releasing crocodiles into our countryside because they are not native to this island so why should the grey squirrel be any different.
Because it looks cute, that's why. Because for some reason fully grown, mature adults seem to get emotionally tangled up and transfer their own wildly inaccurate feelings to an animal. This seems to mean that no one should shoot or trap or reduce the population of these interlopers because they are sweet. They are not sweet they are disease carrying vermin and these same people would be the first in line shouting for Something To Be Done if one of their family caught an infection or disease from this cute little squirrel.
Lets just hope they nver have to worry about that.

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