Sunday, 10 October 2010

Parties and excitements

One of my four Granddaughters celebrated her 18th birthday a few days ago and yesterday was the party. I didn't go. I am really not a party person - at all. I hate loud music, no I'll correct that, I hate this modern marching music.
They call it dance music but all it is really is the same beat with different twiddly bits and it sounds just as mindless loud as it does at any other level. Songs should have words that fall tunefully on the ear not the rhythmic chuntering of rap. Some of which is quite clever but most of it is just look-at-me-I'm-a-bad-person-I-make-threats-to-the-back-beat-and-make-signs-to-ward-off-the-evil-eye.

Anyhooooo. We were invited but decided that unless the party came here we would not attend. All her relatives from her maternal side came down from London to share her birthday with her so that was really good and I am told that the party was a great success. Youngest granddaughter - age 5 did go to the party, dressed up as requested. She stayed all night, danced all night and wore everyone out

The excitement comes from two things. I have a letter printed in the October edition of Your Family History - the Star letter no less. I won 100 credits to use - excellent! and yesterday I arrived home from a meeting in Taunton (more family history stuff but this time with the South West Area Group of Family History Societies) to find that I am joint prize winner for the September competition on They have an excellent forum on the site that is so helpful and so friendly and occasionally they put on a competition. Mostly they are just for members but this one included moderators too so I could put in my four pennorth. Then then entries were judged by the members through a poll and I came joint first! I was so thrilled I forgot to look and see what the prize is. Not that it matters really. I am just so excited.

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humel said...

Hooray, congratulations! Good for you :-)