Monday, 4 October 2010

Unsolicited Testimonial

I have another blog in another place. I have had it for years and the circle of friends that I have live role-played with are the circle of friends that I regularly read with on there.

At present a few of us are doing a "meme" This particular one lasts for the whole of October and every day there is a topic to write about. Yesterday's topic was "Your Parents: in great detail"

I happily wrote my bit about how Mum and Dad met just after WW2 and then went to read what one of my dearest friends had written.

He made me cry.

He is estranged from his mother and has no contact with her. I have known him since he was 17 and came to our house to play a role-playing game with the group I ran.

He says I am his surrogate mother and tells everyone that I am wonderful and funny and all sorts of other really lovely stuff.

The best bit is that he says Mr M is a man of integrity and honour. This is absolutely true and it is so lovely to see someone saying it out loud.

No-one has ever said out loud all those nice things about me and it quite took my breath away. Then in the comments to the blog several other people agreed with him and said that we were their family of choice!

I am so so blessed! To have children and grandchildren like mine is really such a wonderful honour I never expected more. Now I am shown that we have really special friends who honour us with their friendship, that makes me truely blessed.
Mr M says it could just be that they want to be on the Christmas card list


humel said...

How lovely :-)And well-deserved, I'm certain of that - because you come across as such a warm and caring person on your blog xx

Ladkyis said...

Thank you so much! I do try to be a caring person. I always try to treat people how I would like to be treated myself. I do fail miserably sometimes though - but that's human isn't it.